powering-australia01Within the state of Queensland, general electricians must meet specific requirements as laid out by the state’s regulating body, Electrical Safety Office Department of Justice and Attorney General.

The following guidelines and requirements are necessary to become licensed within the state, and apply to those already licensed and wishing to renew.

Who can apply to be licensed?

Within Queensland, there are different requirements for applications dependent upon whether the individual is a newly graduated apprentice or a working electrician wishing to be a contractor.

For newly graduated apprentices, the following requirements must be met to obtain licensing:

  • powering-australia04One must include a license number if he or she has previously held a Queensland electrical work licence.
  • One must include the registration number provided by his or her supervising registered training organisation.
  • Proof of identity if the individual has never been licensed in Queensland. The application form has details of the documents required which must be verified by a Justice of the Peace or an approved authorised officer.
  • Proof of current resuscitation skills such as a current statement of attainment or certificate of competency.
  • Electrical linesperson must give proof of competence in resuscitation and rescue at a pole-top or transmission tower such as a current statement of attainment or certificate of competency.
  • If the apprenticeship was completed in the last five years, the applicant should check that the supervising registered training organisation has forwarded the completion statement to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General before submitting an application.
  • One must pay any applicable fee as listed on the application form.

For electrical contractors, the following requirements must be met at the time of application:

  • Documentary proof of insurance – To meet this requirement you need a certificate of currency from your insurer that confirms you have a policy with broadform public and products liability with a limit of indemnity of at least $5,000,000 and
  • Consumer protection insurance of at least $50,000.
  • Covering liability arising from testing and certification of work in accordance with the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013, and injury or damage arising from faulty design work performed by contractor including where the contractor did not charge a specific fee for such design work, and injury or damage arising from incorrect advice including where the contractor did not charge a specific fee for such advice, and goods in the contractor’s care, custody or control.
  • Provide the necessary proof of identity
  • Have documentary proof of applicable training completed
  • One must pay any applicable fee as listed on the application form.

For both contractors and new graduated apprentices, the licensing fee is $70.70.

Available Licenses

Also unique to Queensland, licenses are issued for the following types of general electrician work:

  • Electrical mechanic license – open electrician license for individuals
  • Electrical linesperson license – allows individuals to perform electrical line work
  • Electrical fitter license – allows individuals to perform electrical equipment work
  • Electrical jointer license – for individuals performing limited specialist installing, jointing and terminating cables
  • Restricted electrical work license – limits individuals to specific electrical work associated with another trade
  • Electrical work training permit – for use with individuals in apprenticeship or training programs

Each license is in force for a maximum of five years, and varies in terms of fees for application and renewal.

General electricians working in Brisbane can contact the Electrical Safety Office Department of Justice and Attorney General for additional information:

Electrical Safety Office Department of Justice and Attorney General

PO Box 820 Lutwyche QLD 4030

Telephone: 1300 362 320


Queensland has mutual recognition, meaning that an individual holding a license in another state or territory of Australian or New Zealand can apply for a comparable license in Queensland.

All requirements laid out by the Electrical Safety Office Department of Justice and Attorney General must be met on an equivalent basis, however.

Wage Information

Within the state of Queensland, general electricians must meet the same requirements as laid out in the training section.

The electrician trade differs, however, in this region as it relates to wages.

On average, general electricians made $63,000 per annum, a two percent increase over national average earnings.


As a licensed electrician in Queensland, individuals and companies have a specific set of responsibilities, including having a full understanding of current legislation.

Additionally, licensed electricians must be aware of up to date regulations directly related to the trade.

These may include:

  • Part 3 of the Electricity Safety Act 1998
  • Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009powering-australia12

Finally, licensed electricians must ensure the work they complete is in accordance with the Australian New Zealand Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000).

Testing must be completed in accordance with legislation, regulation and current Wiring Rules, with verification through a relevant certificate of compliance.

Top Electrician Companies in Gold Coast

There are a number of electrician companies operated within the limits of Gold Coast, most offering a wide range of services to individuals and companies alike.

Based on consumer reviews, the top four companies are as follows:

1)      Safesparks Electrical – Working with over 20 years of experience in electrical work, Safesparks Electrical is a well known name in Gold Coast.

The company boasts its highly qualified, licensed and insured electricians are capable of handling almost any electrical issue that could arise, including:

  • powering-australia08New home and renovation wiring
  • New commercial installation and refitting
  • General electrical work in both residential and commercial spaces
  • Design and install solar solutions
  • Switchboard installation, upgrades and maintenance
  • Energy efficient strategies
  • Data cabling
  • Media and telecommunication cabling
  • Tagging and testing
  • Metering
  • Property maintenance and safety inspections

Website: www.safesparks.com.au

Telephone: 0419 800 748

2)      Abba Electrical and Data – Established in 1991, Abba Electrical has been a household name for decades.

The company is run by a master electrician that promises customers affordable service seven days a week. Abba offers the following electrical services to residents of Gold Coast:


  • Energy efficient light installation
  • Additional power point installation
  • Domestic wiring
  • Electrical repairs
  • Patio wiring and lighting
  • LED lighting installation
  • TV and antenna installation
  • Surround sound installation
  • Data and phone outlet installation or upgrades

Website: www.abbaelectrical.com.au

Telephone: 0413 439 977

E-mail: abbaelectrical@bigpond.com

3)      DexCo Industries – Based in Gold Coast, DexCo Industries focuses on educating its customers on the electrical options available to them in both the residential and commercial space.

The company offers cost effective solutions for its customers, solving the following electrical service needs:powering-australia10

  • Custom lighting design and redesign
  • Lighting installation
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Repair and maintenance of general electric work
  • Commercial design and installation

Website: www.dexcoindustries.com

Telephone: 0413 407 751

E-mail: info@dexcoindustries.com

4)      Arundel Electric – A newer addition to electrical companies in Gold Coast, Arundel Electric provides a wide range of services to residential customers, including:


  • Garden and outdoor lighting installation and maintenance
  • Fault finding
  • Emergency breakdown repair
  • Lighting installation and repair
  • Smoke detector installation
  • Safety switch installation and repair
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Power point installation

Website: www.arundel-electrical.com.au (currently under construction)

Telephone: 0431 154 956